Artist Statement

The design and realization of my artistic creations stand out through their spontaneity and intuition, and take life in the informal and gestural lines structuring their composition. Each of them is born out of theoretical reflection, my true analysis tool to treat any given subject. Moreover, my works of art are structured in various thematic series, allowing me to address the breadth of a given subject from various points of view and giving me the opportunity to explore multiple avenues and a myriad of formal variants. Whatever the specific functions of a given work of art, aesthetic, human, moral or ontological, my objective remains to empower the viewer to reflect upon what stimulates his emotions, ideas and personal experiences as they relate to the social environment.

In the production of my work, I use a variety of materials, processes and painting techniques, preferably in association with the use of acrylic, mixed techniques, technical textiles and polymers. Receptive to the endless possibilities offered by the advancement of science and new technologies, I integrate into my work since the late 80s some traditional art materials coupled with specialized contemporary ones, such as synthetic resins, elastomers, specialty and interference pigments, as well as artistic computer tools. Conceptually speaking, my recent researches have involved the inclusion of new materials, processes and technologies, but always in the absolute respect of the balance between the various visual elements structuring my work.

Through their inherent diversity, and through the interpretation, synthesis and dialectical dynamics of the form/content dichotomy, my plastic proposals provide the viewer with a glimpse of the variety and complexity of the vast universe that surrounds us. My work speaks of change, mutation and a continuing shift towards the new and the unknown through experimentation. It is also finally distinguished by the duality and contrast between two seemingly opposing and contradictory forces that ultimately share the same foundation: the abstract and the concrete.

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