Recent Works

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Acrylic on canvas
60 cm x 80 cm
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Oil on Canvas
61 cm x 76 cm
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Acrylic on Canvas
40.6 cm x 40.6cm
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Acrylic on Canvas (Diptych)
100 cm x 160 cm
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Ink, Acrylic pigments, Polymer-coated on Tengujo Japanese Paper.
64 cm x 97 cm

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The design and realization of my artistic creations stand out through their spontaneity and intuition, and take life in the informal and gestural lines structuring their composition. Each of them is born out of theoretical reflection, my true analysis tool to treat any given subject.

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The creative approach of DAVID ROCHE

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  • Osten Biennial of Drawing
    Osten Biennial of Drawing (2016)
  • Silk Journey to Art
    Silk Journey to Art (2015)


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I sincerely thank all my sponsors for their generosity in providing the means and support necessary to participate in prestigious national and international exhibitions and events, thus helping promote the Canadian cultural heritage and identity, as well as the artist’s professional development.
I also express my profound gratitude to my colleagues for the unconditional support they have given me one way or another, regardless of its type and extent. Thanks, once again, for your active participation in my artistic career!
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