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A canvas in your meeting room, a sculpture at the reception, pieces of arts side to your employees and clientele will certainly create a pleasant working environment.

These convivial rooms will assure you a positive atmosphere and valuable for your company’s image.

http://www.daroart.com/images/photos/Immobiliart_2012/hall.jpg     http://www.daroart.com/images/photos/Immobiliart_2012/salledereunion.jpg

  • Collecting contemporary pieces of art will glorify your enterprise and can provide substantial savings on government tax. Speak with your accountant.
  • Claim your values and identity and will provide you a new way to communicate with all your business relations.
  • Share with your employees, providers, partners and clients a common enjoyment and will allow you to establish human relation involving intimacy and confidence.
Do you have any idea what kind of art style you would use for your company? We can help you to realize your project!

Please, contact us for further information without any commitment on your behalf.  Call us at 450 812-9780.

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