I Like to Ride Down My Trail

Triptych - Acrylic on Canvas - 172.7 cm x 403.8 cm ( 68" x 159" )
2000, Longueuil | Québec | Canadá

The work of art allows the following aspects to stand out:

  • The vast outspread of the country which is reflected by the four seasons, by the choice of colors and textures.
  • The importance of the large water surfaces, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which are the origin and the extremity of the Path, symbolized by blue beaches.
  • It evokes also life, beauty, the richness of the flora and the fauna, which are an integrant part of the Path.
  • The emblem of Canada, the maple leaf, is an ingenious addition in the processing of the theme, as well as the emblems of the province of Quebec and the city of Longueuil.
  • It manifests values such as the well-being and the enthusiasm of those who enter the Path by foot, bicycle or any other way.

David Roche

Mural made for the Filles de Sainte-Marie de Leucas congregation

Acrylic on Canvas - 200 cm x 700 cm ( 79" x 276" )
2003, Longueuil | Québec | Canadá

Mural made for the Filles de Sainte-Marie de Leucas congregation

Acrylic on Canvas - 200 cm x 700 cm (79" x 276")
1997, Longueuil | Québec | Canadá

Wings of Hope!

Acrylic on Masonite - 122 cm x 488 cm (48” x 192”)
2005, Maison Tremplin | Longueuil | Québec | Canada

"Wings of Hope!" Project

!Wins of Hope! Project !Wins of Hope! Project

At spring break in March 2005, the Longueuil Tremplin House, in collaboration with David Roche, organized a family visual arts event.

Ten families (parents and children aged between 2 and 17) participated with the artist in the realization of this grand collective mural.

The theme, "Wings of Hope," artistically represents the raison d`être and essence of the Longueuil Tremplin House, emphasizing the institution’s two main goals:

  • To make a contribution to a harmonious family life, full of hope and well-being despite the pitfalls families encounter in their daily lives.
  • To undertake actions that increasingly enable a better quality of life for families.
  • The result is extraordinary and deserves to be seen.

Families and the Longueuil Tremplin House team wish to thank Mr. David Roche for his valuable and generous collaboration in the development of this great project.

Thank you, Mr. Roche, for putting your art at the service of our daily lives.

The work is on permanent display at Longueuil’s Tremplin House: 267 rue Toulouse, Longueuil, Québec, Canada.